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Technical Support Phone Number List

Technical Support Phone Number List
India- Hardware Technical Support for Public and Large Enterprise (More Than 500 Employees)
Optiplex, Latitude & Precision Workstation Mon to Fri : 9 AM to 6 PM
Toll Free               1800-425-8045
Toll no 080 - 2510 8032 / 37
Servers (Power Edge) & Switches (Power Connect) 24*7 support
Toll Free1800-425-9052
Toll no 080 - 2510 7910
Storage (EMC, Equal logic, Compellent & Power Vault) 24*7 support
Toll Free1800-425-9052
Toll no 080 - 2510 7910
Premium Products - XPS               24*7 support
Toll Free              1800-425-2066
Toll no080 - 2510 8066
Before you call Dell:
If you suspect a problem with your system, write down any error messages or beep codes received, if applicable, and perform the diagnostic tests using the Dell Diagnostics Diskette provided with your system. See your system documentation for information about error messages, beep codes, and running the diskette-based diagnostics. Document the results of the diagnostic tests.
Talking to the Technician:
Explain your problem to the technician.
Be prepared to provide the technician with the following information:
- Your system's Service Tag Number
- The names and versions of installed operating systems; the operating system that was running when the problem occurred
- Peripherals being used
- Any error messages and/or beep codes received and when they occurred
- What you were doing when the problem occurred. If your monitor/notebook battery is faulty, please kindly check the PPID# e.g DS/N JP-021KEV-42011-12C-0343 before you proceed to contact our technical support for further troubleshooting
- What steps you have taken to resolve the problem, including the results from the diagnostic tests
Cooperate with the technician to resolve the problem.
Cooperation is critical to a successful resolution. Listen carefully and follow the technician's suggestions. Tell the technician exactly what happens when you perform the suggested task.
If this document cannot resolve your problem, please fill the Request Support form or join in online discussions to get online support .